Prank calling a douche pretending to be an angry boyfriend.


I don’t even know where to begin with this dude.  Back in early February he wrote me a message telling me he was horny.  Of course I gave him my google voice number and told him to call me.  He kept calling but never leaving a voicemail.  But everyday I would receive a message from him expressing his horniness.  Ya know, the typical courting process.

Then one day he worked up the courage to leave me a voicemail.  Here is that disaster:

For the next 2 weeks I have been greeted by many messages telling me that he called, and that we needed to get together and f*ck.  Oh yay!

Well, he realized his efforts were going unnoticed so he left me this glorious message!

Oh damn.  I’m really interested now.  So interested that I had my angry boyfriend soundboard give him a call!

Okay, so you’d think he would have realized that he was being f*cked with.  But no, here is his immediate response to me via OkCupid:




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